Study on casting a strong community consciousness of the Chinese nation in the perspective of Chinese modernization

Journal: Region - Educational Research and Reviews DOI: 10.32629/rerr.v6i3.1809

Chunyan ZHOU

School of Marxism, Xinjiang Normal University


In today's era, in order to solve the ethnic problems in the new era, to do a good job of ethnic work and strengthen ethnic work is a necessary way to promote Chinese-style modernization. In terms of the logical relationship between the two, from the two levels of "the Chinese national community is the main driving force to promote Chinese-style modernization" and "Chinese-style modernization is the value pursuit of forging a strong sense of Chinese national community". Taking into account the new requirements of Chinese-style modernization, it proposes practical paths for further forging the sense of community of the Chinese nation in five dimensions: leadership, material foundation, cultural orientation, social security and ecological construction.


Chinese-style modernization; casting; Chinese national community


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