On the ways of integrating art education into students in higher vocational colleges

Journal: Region - Educational Research and Reviews DOI: 10.32629/rerr.v6i3.1764

Wenjing LI1, Lei HAN2

1. College of Humanities, Xinjiang Agricultural Vocational Technical College
2. College of Marxism, Xinjiang Agricultural Vocational Technical College


Through field observation, this article attempts to discuss the ways in which art education can be integrated into students in higher vocational colleges. Starting from the dual roles of art education, combined with the characteristics of students in higher vocational colleges, we find the connection between the two, and through the expansion of the connection, we find that the dilemma faced by students is the fragmentation of the knowledge system and the weak practicality of hands-on ability. Therefore, systematic learning and practical operation can solve the educational problems faced by students before, and make important contributions to students' smooth study of art education, smooth cultivation of aesthetics, and smooth construction of a systematic education system. All in all, art education plays an irreplaceable and important role in human development and social progress. Plato even had such a view: art should become the basis of education. It can be said that not paying attention to moral education will damage the moral standards of a generation; not paying attention to intellectual education will damage the cognitive level of a generation; not paying attention to sports will damage the physical health of a generation; not paying attention to art education will damage the physical health of a generation. What is damaged is the spiritual world of a generation, and what is damaged is the spirit, imagination and creativity of a nation.


art education; higher vocational colleges; ways


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