Empirical exploration and research on informationization teaching of English in vocational colleges

Journal: Region - Educational Research and Reviews DOI: 10.32629/rerr.v6i3.1746

Jingwei ZHU, Wei LI

Jiangsu Maritime Institute


This article explores the necessity, significance, and practice of information-based teaching in vocational college English, and concludes that information-based teaching can improve the effectiveness of English teaching, which is in line with the learning characteristics of students and is necessary for the development of the times and society. In teaching practice, it is necessary to build an online learning environment, reform multimedia teaching methods, and innovate teaching evaluation methods. Information technology teaching is an important way to reform vocational English teaching.


vocational English; information technology teaching; network environment; multimedia


This project is a foreign language research project of Jiangsu Province's Excellent Social Science Application Research Project: "Research on Optimization Strategies for Informationization Teaching of Higher Vocational English".


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