Research on the construction of English "eco-classroom" in primary schools under the perspective of ecological linguistics

Journal: Region - Educational Research and Reviews DOI: 10.32629/rerr.v5i6.1571


School of Foreign Languages, Changshu Institute of Technology


Eco-linguistics is a new research field with the characteristics of interdisciplinary research. Its founder, Haugen, who compared the English teaching classroom to an ecological system composed of various ecological factors, thus coming to the term "eco-classroom". "Eco-classroom" is a dynamic and balanced ecosystem composed of teachers, students, classroom natural environment and classroom humanistic environment. Starting from the ecological linguistics horizon, this article explores the current primary school English ecological teaching system, and from the ecological classroom teaching concept, ecological factor interaction, the all-round development of English ability, this article puts forward the primary school English "eco-classroom" building countermeasures, in order to improve students' English language learning ability, application ability, and promote the deepening reform of English teaching mode.


eco-linguistics; eco-classroom; English teaching


Fund Project: Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Program for College Students (Innovation Training Project).


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