Establishing the "three pivot points" to build a solid foundation for fairness in graduate student enrolment in the new era

Journal: Region - Educational Research and Reviews DOI: 10.32629/rerr.v5i6.1565


Admissions Office, Graduate School of Nanjing University


Postgraduate enrolment is an important way for the state to select high-level talents, which bears the initial mission of educating people for the Party and selecting talents for the country, and also shoulders the social responsibility of meeting the people's demand for higher-level and better education. In recent years, with the number of postgraduate students applying for the examination increasing year by year, the competition for the examination has become increasingly fierce, and the social attention of postgraduate admissions has been increasing. How to protect the fairness and impartiality of postgraduate enrollment, to achieve peace and standardization of postgraduate enrollment, is the core requirement of postgraduate enrollment work. This paper combines the actual work of postgraduate admissions, proposed from the standpoint of self-proposed, departmental review and the whole process of supervision of the three fulcrums, to build stable postgraduate admissions in universities and colleges central work, in order to achieve the fairness and justice of postgraduate admissions to build a solid line of defence.


university graduate admissions; fairness and justice; self-proposed questions; retesting; supervision


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