The importance of translation teaching in college English education and its strategies

Journal: Region - Educational Research and Reviews DOI: 10.32629/rerr.v5i4.1398

Fei YE 

University of Sanya


This article discusses the importance of translation teaching in English language instruction at the university level, as well as its strategies. In English language instruction at universities, translation teaching plays a crucial role in helping students understand and apply language knowledge, promoting language learning and proficiency, and facilitating interdisciplinary learning and the development of comprehensive abilities. To implement effective translation teaching strategies, teachers should select appropriate textbooks and resources, as well as cultivate students' translation skills and strategies. Moreover, organizing appropriate translation activities as well as classroom practices, and providing timely feedback and evaluations, are essential steps. By integrating translation teaching, students' language proficiency and overall competence can be enhanced. In conclusion, translation teaching is important in English language teaching in colleges and universities, which can help students improve their English language proficiency and cross-cultural communication skills. In order to improve the quality of translation teaching, teachers can use strategies such as choosing appropriate teaching materials and resources, organizing translation activities and classroom practice, providing timely feedback and assessment, and cultivating students' self-directed learning ability. Through these efforts, we can better help students develop excellent translation skills and make them successful in intercultural communication.


translation teaching; teaching English in higher education; strategies


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