Research on teaching reform of logistics talent training mode under the background of digital economy

Journal: Region - Educational Research and Reviews DOI: 10.32629/rerr.v5i4.1389

Qing SHI

School of Management, Guizhou University


With the rise of the digital economy, digital technology has become an important trend in the field of logistics, which puts forward higher requirements for the training of logistics talents. Therefore, this article adopts case analysis method, empirical research method, and literature research method to study the teaching reform of logistics talent cultivation mode in the context of the digital economy, and explore the problems and challenges in logistics talent cultivation. The case analysis method is used to analyze the specific situation and existing problems of logistics talent training mode in specific regions and industries. This article collects and analyzes relevant data on logistics talent cultivation models through empirical research, investigates and diagnoses existing problems, and proposes some reform suggestions. It uses the literature review method to analyze the research hotspots and achievements in this field, seeking theoretical support for the teaching reform of logistics talent cultivation mode. On the basis of exploring the teaching reform mode, method and effect evaluation of logistics talent training, this paper further puts forward specific suggestions for logistics teaching reform and talent training mode innovation based on digital technology, aiming to provide useful reference for continuously improving the quality of logistics talent.


digital economy; logistics talent; teaching reform; digital technology


Guizhou University, Project name: Guizhou Provincial Marketing first-class professional construction project, project number: 802301214401.


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