Research on the reform of civic science teaching in music course under the concept of OBE talent cultivation

Journal: Region - Educational Research and Reviews DOI: 10.32629/rerr.v5i1.1158


Zhejiang Yuexiu University


This paper attempts to construct a student-centered, teacher-led and student-dominated teaching mode on the basis of OBE theory in college music teaching and underling the ideological and political training objectives. This results-oriented mode takes students learning outcomes as the starting point in order to enhance students' practical abilities. While mastering the knowledge, the content of civic education can be internalized and the OBE education concept can be perfectly combined with the ideological and political training objectives of music course. Therefore, it is possible to construct a teaching mode of teacher-student interaction and whole-process education to steadily promote ideological and political training and teaching reform of college music courses.


OBE; college music course; music curriculum; teaching reform


This paper is the research result of 2021 Zhejiang Yuexiu University school-level educational reform project, project name: OBE talent training concept under the music course thinking and government teaching reform research, project number: (XJJG2118).


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