Exploring the hybrid teaching and learning in tennis classroom

Journal: Region - Educational Research and Reviews DOI: 10.32629/rerr.v5i1.1155


Zhejiang Yuexiu University


Based on the development of information age, micro-course teaching has been commonly carried out in colleges and universities. Tennis class is a popular course among students in colleges and universities, with a high degree of attention. In order to better develop the teaching quality of this course, we have build an online and offline hybrid teaching mode of "Internet+teaching" based on the UMC online teaching platform. Taking the tennis class of Zhejiang Yuexiu University as an example and combining the current situation of tennis teaching in our school, this paper specifically elaborates the classroom teaching settings and its process in three parts: before, during and after the hybrid course. It makes an organic integration of online teaching and offline classroom to complete the teaching tasks, and takes the specific teaching design as a case to create a tennis classroom teaching mode, integrating practicality, flexibility and interest to effectively improve students' learning ability of tennis.


tennis; online and offline hybrid teaching; teaching design


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