Assessment and Control of Investment Risk in Real Estate Projects

Journal: Modern Economics & Management Forum DOI: 10.32629/memf.v3i6.1074

Guangsheng Wang

Beijing Wanda Investment Co., Ltd., Beijing 100101, China University of San Carlos, Cebu, Philippines


The fast rise of China's real estate business has efficiently propelled the country's economy, and it is also profoundly entwined with the daily lives of the Chinese populace. There are more investment risks associated with real estate projects due to the size of the investment funds, the length of time required to accomplish the task, the effect of regulatory changes, the market climate, and other variables. If these risks are not appropriately managed, they will lower the investment's return. Real estate project investments should be more cautious and scientific, fully assess investment risks, and target the appropriate control measures to reduce the impact of risk factors and ensure the smooth implementation of investment activities. This is particularly crucial in light of the new normal, which involves increased uncertainty.


real estate, investment risk, assessment, control


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