Study on the Prevention and Controlling of Dissimilation of Social Functions of Commercial Banks Based on the Fulfillment of Social Responsibility of Chinese Commercial Banks

Journal: Modern Economics & Management Forum DOI: 10.32629/memf.v1i2.150

Zhuobi Luo

School of Marxism, Central University of Finance and Economics


The dissimilation of the social functions of commercial banks is a phenomenon that the function of commercial banks deviates from the economic development and the people's livelihood. Such phenomenon, which can be seen all over the world, impedes the socio-economic development and affects the well-being of the people to some degree. After investigating and analyzing the dissimilation of the social functions of Chinese commercial banks, it was found that their social functions play a significant role, and the booming development of these banks has made great contribution to the economic growth and improved people's livelihood in China. China should also have special experience in preventing and handling this dissimilation.


commercial bank, social functions, dissimilation, experience


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