Research on Teaching Design of Children's Play and Guidance from the Perspective of Curriculum Thought and Politics

Journal: Journal of Higher Education Research DOI: 10.32629/jher.v4i3.1255

Shuangqi Li

Tianhua College, Shanghai Normal University, Shanghai 201815, China


As a new teaching concept and mode under the contemporary education, "Course Thought and Politics" is an important measure for colleges and universities to implement moral cultivation. Therefore, this study analyzes the necessity of carrying out curriculum thinking and politics by taking the core curriculum of preschool education major "Children's Play and Guidance" as an example. This study adopts the literature method to sort out and summarize the research background, research purpose and research significance. This paper adopts the practice research method to reform the teaching design of the reform curriculum, and uses the interview method in the process of time to understand the difficulties teachers think the curriculum thoughts and politics meet in the course implementation. After the teaching design is completed, the students' learning effect is understood through questionnaire investigation. In the study, the author will explain how to dig out the ideological and political elements in the professional required theory course at the undergraduate level. Taking a section teaching as an example, this paper explains how to carry out the curriculum ideological and political design in the professional curriculum, and finally puts forward the thinking and method of carrying out the curriculum ideological and political teaching design.


course thought and politics, courses, instructional design


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