Action-oriented Practice and Students' Vocational Competence Development in Higher Vocational Education

Journal: Journal of Higher Education Research DOI: 10.32629/jher.v3i6.1077

Kaijin Sun

Yancheng Industrial Vocational and Technical College, Yancheng, Jiangsu, China


Higher vocational education has made certain achievements in the process of development in China, but it has been lagging behind in the practical application of action-oriented teaching mode. Due to the influence of traditional concept and financial factors, the practical courses cannot meet the demand of society for talents training, students lack of social experience and innovation ability, and the level of hands-on skills is not high, which leads to the low attention of higher vocational institutions to this specialty, the scale of operation is small and does not pay attention to the effectiveness. At the same time, schools do not have enough funds to support practical education, resulting in insufficient experimental facilities, rudimentary equipment and lack of teaching resources, which seriously restrict the development of higher vocational education. The development of higher vocational education is seriously restricted by the lack of teaching resources. Combined with the actual needs of China's higher vocational institutions, this paper puts forward the teaching idea of action-oriented and students' vocational ability cultivation, which has a better guiding function. Therefore, higher vocational institutions should combine the new requirements of students' vocational ability in the new era, explore the action-oriented classroom, improve the vocational education and training system with the joint participation of schools and enterprises, clarify the problems of vocational ability cultivation and employment of higher vocational students, so as to put forward scientific and reasonable countermeasures, which can meet the needs of higher vocational students' vocational ability improvement and also enhance their employment success rate.


higher vocational education, action-oriented, vocational competence development


Philosophy and social science in Jiangsu Province: Research on the Predicaments and Countermeasures of Optimizing the Construction of Political Ecology in Higher Vocational Colleges under the New Media Environment (Project No.: 2018SJZT36)


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