The Application of Scaffolding Instruction to Vocabulary Teaching in Primary School

Journal: Journal of Higher Education Research DOI: 10.32629/jher.v3i2.755

Yongli Wan

China West of Normal University, Nanchong 637000, Sichuan, China


Vocabulary is the foundation of English learning, and owing an amount of vocabulary at a certain extent is a necessity in improving primary students’ ability in listening, speaking, reading and writing. With the innovation of educational concept and reform of new curriculum, many new teaching approaches are emerged and applied in English class, and scaffolding instruction has showed its strong applicability in this specific teaching area. This article gives an introduction to its theoretical basis, Zone of Proximal Development theory and Constructivist theory, and considers about its steps and features, putting students in the central role at class. With the adoption of literature research method, this paper proposes some applicable strategies of teaching vocabulary based on scaffolding instruction.


vocabulary teaching, scaffolding instruction, primary school, students


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