The Family Thought of Marx and Engels and Its Enlightenment in the New Era

Journal: Journal of Higher Education Research DOI: 10.32629/jher.v2i4.403

Tingting Wang

Southwestern University of Finance and Economics


In the Marxist theoretical system, "family" is a very important theoretical category, which is not only the "mystery" Marx and Engels has been trying to solve, but also an important reflection of Marxist philosophy. Marx and Engels held the conviction that the development of the family went through the consanguinity family, the Punaluian family, the paring family and the monogamous family. Marital relationship is the basis of forming a family; blood relationship is the bond of forming a family; family is the organizational form of human social life. Those are the essential characteristics of family. In the new era, while promoting the harmonious development of family, we must know the harmonious marriage relationship is the foundation of family harmony, and that the harmonious parent-child relationship is the key to family harmony. Meanwhile, we should pay attention to the harmonious unity of family and society.


Marx, Engels, family thought, family harmony


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