The Path of Promoting the Innovation of Teachers' Teaching Idea in School-based Teaching Research

Journal: Journal of Higher Education Research DOI: 10.32629/jher.v2i4.402

Yanan Meng

Weifang Institute of Technology


In the basic teaching reform, school-based teaching research belongs to a very important topic, so how can we integrate the new curriculum reform idea with the teachers' teaching idea reform and set up new teaching requirements and objectives? This is the most typical problem confronted by the majority of teachers in the actual teaching at this stage. In order to solve the problem effectively, it is necessary to carry out diversified teaching activities with "school-based teaching research" as the starting point, so as to set up a new teaching mechanism with rich connotation and various forms and realize the overall improvement of teaching quality. In this paper, the author conduct initial discussion on the characteristics and significance of school-based teaching research, and then think about the ways to promote teachers' teaching idea innovation in school-based teaching research, hoping to comprehensively improve the teaching level of China.


school-based research, teaching idea innovation, path


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