A Probe into the Strategy of Implementing Flipped Classroom Teaching Model in Agricultural Courses

Journal: Journal of Higher Education Research DOI: 10.32629/jher.v2i2.298

Hongmin Wang

College of Agricultural Economics and Management, Shanxi Agricultural University


With the integration and development of information technology and education, the flipped classroom teaching model has been popularized and applied in many colleges and universities, and it has become a prominent highlight of my country's higher education reform. Based on the analysis of the shortcomings of the traditional teaching methods of agricultural courses and the advantages of the flipped classroom teaching model, this article explores and constructs a flipped classroom teaching model for agricultural courses. It also discusses the implementation strategies of the flipped classroom model from the aspects of teaching philosophy, video material preparation, classroom activity organization, assessment and practical teaching, etc., aiming to improve the teaching effect of agricultural courses.


Introduction to Agronomy, flipped classroom, teaching model


Research on the Design and Application of the Flipped Classroom Model of ‘Introduction to Agronomy’ under the Background of Information Technology (project number: J2015027)


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