Study on Immune Rejection of Xenotransplantation of Bone Fracture Hematoma Cells in Rabbits

Journal: Journal of Clinical Medicine Research DOI: 10.32629/jcmr.v3i2.818

Yulong Liang1, Jianjing Liang2, Wenjing Feng1, Jinghui Mu2

1. Department of General Surgery, Third Hospital of Hebei Medical University, Shijiazhuang 050000, Hebei, China
2. Hebei University Faculty of Medicine, Baoding 071000, Hebei, China


Purpose To explore the immune rejection of xenotransplantation of bone fracture hematoma cells in rabbits.  Way Lan Tu was used as the donor for allogeneic transplantation of fracture hematoma cells. Twelve New Zealand white rabbits were selected to establish the fracture model. The fracture hematoma cells of Lan Tu were transplanted to the broken end of the experimental group of New Zealand white rabbits, while the rabbits in the control group were not transplanted with allogeneic fracture hematoma cells. To observe the expression level of allogeneic fracture hematoma cells in the fracture site, and to analyze the rejection caused by xenotransplantation by observing the number of macrophages in the fracture model section and lymphoid follicles in the recipient spleen. Result On the 7th and 12th day after transplantation, the hematoma cells in the fractured end of rabbits in the experimental group showed a decreasing trend, but their survival still met the needs of treatment. The results of immunohistochemical examination on the fractured bone tissue and spleen of the two groups of rabbits showed that there was no significant difference between the macrophage content in the fractured bone tissue and the lymphocyte follicular count in the spleen tissue of the two groups of rabbits in different transplantation time (P > 0.05). Conclusion Using allogeneic hematoma cell transplantation to treat fractures will not cause excessive rejection of receptors, which is worthy of further clinical discussion and provides a favorable scientific reference for its application in clinical treatment of fractures.


fracture, hematoma cells, xenotransplantation, immunology, rejection reaction, rabbit


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