Measures for the Application of Cloud Computing and Big Data Technology in Intelligent Information Technology of Medicine

Journal: Advances in Medicine and Engineering Interdisciplinary Research DOI: 10.32629/ameir.v1i4.1349

Geliang Liu


Cloud computing and big data technology have become increasingly mature with the continuous progress of science and technology and the rapid development of information technology, which fully demonstrates their application value in different fields of society. And in some fields, it has changed people's way of life and work, facilitated people's lives and improved their work efficiency, and also played an important role in reducing time costs and saving resources. At this stage, cloud computing and big data technology are widely used in the medical field, which can effectively collect and integrate medical data and information, and provide relevant scientific basis for appointment registration, patient treatment, medical research and so on. For example, based on the high accuracy of cloud computing in remote monitoring and medical image analysis, as well as the ability of big data technology in the analysis of massive medical data, it is helpful to achieve the purpose of accurate medical diagnosis, and is of great significance to the communication between doctors and patients, the security of medical data and materials, and the reduction of medical operating costs, and promotes the healthy development of intelligent information technology of medicine.


cloud computing; big data technology; intelligent information technology of medicine; application; value; necessity; measures


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