Strategies for Home-kindergarten Collaboration in Nurturing Introverted Preschool Children

Journal: Journal of Higher Education Research DOI: 10.32629/jher.v4i3.1254

Weiwei Zhang

Sunshine Kindergarten, Beijing 100088, China


Introverted preschool children may face challenges in social interaction, emotional management, and learning, which often require joint efforts from both home and kindergarten environments. This article aims to explore effective guidance strategies for the home-kindergarten collaboration in nurturing introverted preschool children through theoretical analysis and empirical research. Firstly, the main influencing factors for introverted children, including family environment and individual characteristics, are identified. Subsequently, a series of guidance strategies are proposed, encompassing stress-adaptive educational approaches, diversified home-kindergarten collaboration activities, opportunities for positive interactions, self-expression platforms, and motivational education. The research results demonstrate that these strategies effectively assist introverted preschool children in engaging in social activities, enhancing their sense of self-worth, and stimulating their interest in learning. The findings of this study not only offer guidance for parents and teachers in better understanding and educating introverted preschool children but also provide a new theoretical basis for research on their education.


introverted preschool children, home-kindergarten collaboration, guidance strategies


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