Article: Intelligent fish tank based on WiFi module

Published on: 2019-06-15 | Updated on: 2019-09-02

Journal of Autonomous Intelligence

Content:With the rapid development of the Internet in recent decades, all walks of life are inseparable from the application of the Internet. The Internet helps people improve their quality of life and work efficiency. In order to meet the growing market demand and continuously meet the process of social development, the intelligent and convenient Internet of Things (IOT) has emerged on the basis of the Internet. Research and development of Internet of Things (IOT) applications, both network and mobile, is increasing. The Internet of Things is a network of advanced objects with unique identities, each of which is interconnected or connected to a remote server to provide more efficient services [1]. The Internet of Things is a platform where daily devices become more intelligent, daily processing becomes intelligent, and daily communication becomes informative. While the Internet of Things is still looking for its own form, its impact has begun to make incredible progress as a universal solution for connecting scenarios.

Feng Yan and Fuyao Wang did a study on smart fish tank, which was published in the journal Autonomous Intelligence. This study introduces the intelligent fish tank embedded HC-SR04 ultrasonic ranging module and DS18B20 temperature sensor with STC89C52 as the control core. The system can remotely control and collect temperature and water level data in the fish tank via the WiFi module (ESP8266-01). When the water level is below the default, the system will adjust by adding water to the tank. At the same time, people can also access data and control tanks at any time. The microcontroller is connected to the Internet via a WiFi module. With the help of MicroPython firmware, the python program is compiled in this WiFi module to connect to the WiFi at home and provide data transfer capabilities. Android smartphones can connect to the system via WiFi and send commands. In this way, the fish tank can be remotely controlled to ensure the stability of the water temperature and water level in the tank.