Research Progress of the Diagnostic Value of Video Mediastinoscopy in the Staging of Lung Cancer

Journal: Journal of Clinical Medicine Research DOI: 10.32629/jcmr.v2i1.301

Zhi'ang Cheng

School of Clinical Medicine, Jiamusi University


In the process of diagnosing patients with lung disease, traditional imaging diagnosis has certain limitations, which can easily lead to missed diagnosis and misdiagnosis. In recent years, with the advancement and development of imaging technology, video mediastinoscopy has gradually been promoted and applied in clinical practice, and has significant advantages in the identification of benign and malignant lung lesions, lung cancer staging, and efficacy evaluation. This study mainly discusses the specific application of video mediastinoscopy and its diagnostic value in staging of lung cancer.


video mediastinoscopy, lung cancer, staging, diagnosis


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