Road Pavement Design in One of Oversea Sewage Treatment Plant

Journal: Journal of Building Technology DOI: 10.32629/jbt.v2i1.89

Chengbo Zhang, Cheng Hu, Qiaolin Liu, Zheng Wu

PowerChina Chengdu Engineering Corporation Limited, CEC


Three methods are used for Road Pavement Design for access road and internal roads to Dasherkandi Sewage Treatment Plant in Bangladesh, the method, standards and ESA for design of the road are introduced, the issues of design standard for Sewage Treatment Plant, traffic increase rate and seal coat for asphalt concrete of the road are discussed, some of the propose is made to minimize different understanding in execution of the contract, it provides necessary references for similar oversea project in similar country.


Sewerage Treatment Plant; access road and internal roads; pavement design; standard


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