Study on Road Construction Technology of Low-lying and Swamp Area by Using Special Fine Sand

Journal: Journal of Building Technology DOI: 10.32629/jbt.v2i1.169

Zheng Wu1, Fei Yang1, Ke Lee2

1. Powerchina Chengdu Engineering Corporation Limited, CEC


According to the site condition of one of the oversea project located in the low-lying and swamp area, special fine sand with fine modulus in values of 0.42-0.62 was used to construct roads in the area through special workmanship and construction techniques. Bamboo materials are designed as piles and supporting system in a reasonable arrangement. The paper provides calculation details of the supporting system of bamboo materials, outlines the construction procedures and construction technique, and describes the contents of quality control and safety construction. It provides good references for road construction in low-lying and swamp areas in similar countries.


low-lying and swamp area; special find sand; bamboo material as piling and supporting system; road construction


[1] Bangladesh National Building Code (2015). Housing and Building Research Institute. 2(3): 6.
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[3] Wu Z., Ju Q.F. and Zhang C.B. (2020). Study and Application of Construction Technology for Dredging –Reclamation of Large-scale Low-lying Swamp Area. Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering, 51 (S1): 80-84.

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