Research on the Application of “Simple Aesthetics” Design Concept in Contemporary Interior Design under the Background of Eastern and Western Culture

Journal: Journal of Building Technology DOI: 10.32629/jbt.v2i1.133

Rain Liu

The Founder of Shenzhen Dongjing Architectural Design Co., Ltd.


By analyzing the philosophical thoughts of “great truths are all simple” of eastern Taoism and the design philosophy of “less is more” born of western modernism, the design concept of “simple aesthetics” was proposed. And from the five aspects of form, color, material, detail, attitude, and combing the application of the “simple aesthetics” design concept in the interior design under the fusion of eastern and western cultural backgrounds, it is concluded that the “simple aesthetics” design concept meets the needs of the times and artistic aesthetics, and shows the positive meaning of the human spirit.


great truths are all simple; less is more; simple aesthetics; interior design


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