Research Chinese-Urdu Machine Translation Based on Deep Learning

Journal: Journal of Autonomous Intelligence DOI: 10.32629/jai.v3i2.279

zeshan ali ali

Xingjiang university


Urdu is Pakistan 's national language. However, Chinese expertise is very negligible in Pakistan and the Asian nations. Yet fewer research has been undertaken in the area of computer translation on Chinese to Urdu. In order to solve the above problems, we designed of an electronic dictionary for Chinese-Urdu, and studied the sentence-level machine translation technology which is based on deep learning. The Design of an electronic dictionary Chinese-Urdu machine translation system we collected and constructed an electronic dictionary containing 24000 entries from Chinese to Urdu. For Sentence we used English as an intermediate language, and based on the existing parallel corpus of Chinese to English and English to Urdu, we constructed a bilingual parallel corpus containing 66000 sentences from Chinese to Urdu. The Corpus has trained by using two NMT Models (LSTM,Transformer Model) and the above two translation model were compared to the desired translation, with the help of bilingual valuation understudy (BLEU) score.  On NMT, The LSTM Model is gain of 0.067 to 0.41 in BLEU score while on Transformer model, there is gain of 0.077 to 0.52 in BLEU which is better than from LSTM Model score. Furthermore, we compared the proposed model with Google and Microsoft translation.


Chinese, Urdu, Neural Machine Translation, Deep Learning, Bilingual Electronic Dictionary.

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