Monitoring on Guardrails to Afford Road Safety Using IOT

Journal: Journal of Autonomous Intelligence DOI: 10.32629/jai.v1i2.19

Vignesh Venkataraman

Department of Information Technology at Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College, Coimbatore.


The preservation of the road infrastructures has become an important issue to the road safety and structural monitoring systems industry aiming to reduce the maintenance cost and also to increase the drivers safety. The collision features of the simulation of car- guard rail. It is found that the vibration features of the guardrail within the accident have a good performance to the accident identification. The vibration data of the guardrail are recorded real-timely by the nodes with accelerator sensors on the guardrail network. Then the collision accident is identified in terms of the vibration threshold. The proposed design is a system which can detect accidents in significantly less time and sends the basic information to first aid center within a few seconds covering geographical coordinate the time and angle in which a vehicle accident had occurred. This alert message is sent to the rescue team in a short time which will help in saving the valuable lives.


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