Neural processor in artificial intelligence advancement

Journal: Journal of Autonomous Intelligence DOI: 10.32629/jai.v1i1.13

Manu Mitra

Software Analyst at Lam Research


A neuron network is a computational model based on structure and functions of biological neural networks. Information that flows through the network affects the structure of the neuron network because neural network changes-or learns, in a sense-based on that input and output. Although neural network being highly complex (for example change of weights for every new data within the time frame) an experimental model of high level architecture of neural processor is proposed. Neural Processor performs all the functions that an ordinary neural network does like adaptive learning, self-organization, real time operations and fault tolerance. In this paper, analysis of neural processing is discussed and presented with experiments, graphical representation including data analysis.


Neuron; neuron processor; neuron network; artificial intelligence


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