Frontier Scientific Publishing

About the Site

Frontier Scientific Publishing Pte. Ltd. (FSP) was established in Singapore in 2018 with a global orientation. The core business of the company focuses on publishing academic journals and organizing international academic conferences. At the same time, FSP provides educational training, consultations on scientific and technological information, translation services, plagiarism checking services, and publications of e-books.

Albeit being a young company, FSP has placed huge focuses on initiating and publishing top quality international academic journals. The eventual aim is to be indexed by top-notch databases such as PubMed, Scopus, EI, SCI, SSCI, etc, at the same time growing to become a recognized international academic publishing company that provides a knowledge sharing and communication platform to top researchers all over the world.


To provide first-class scientific information for top scholars


Publications of Academic Journals

  • Understanding international academic trends through information analysis
  • Establishing contacts with top scholars and researchers upon the systematic selection process
  • Continuous improvement in the quality of our journals through the accumulation of experience
  • Ensure effective and efficient operations of journals through professional management

Organizing of Academic Conference

  • Setting up offices in areas with a high concentration of research activities
  • Maintaining long-term collaboration with different academic institutions and government agencies
  • Attracting the best talents from various disciplines to our organization


Constantly expanding and strengthening collaborations with publishing companies and relevant industry associations all over the world, building a group of knowledgeable academic personnel and a quality management team. Disseminate scientific and technical information of high quality, gradually growing to a publishing enterprise with worldwide influence.